Hypervideo. Interactive reality


Technical Characteristics and Features of the Active Video Player

The Active Video Player plays projects created on the basis of the Active Video technology via the network with TCP/IP protocol and locally, i.e. from hard disc, CD and DVD discs. The player allows playing interactive clips on the basis of video materials in MPEG 1,2,4 format.

Features of the Computer Necessary for the AVPlayer Operation:

  • Х86 processor
  • 900 MHz frequency
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 10 MB vacant space on hard disc
  • Graphic adapter with 2D graphic support and 64MB RAM

Software requirements:

  • ОС Windows XP or 2000
  • DirectX, version 9.0
  • It is desirable to update video card up to the versions created not later than in 2002

Main Modules of the Player:

  1. Video and content player (MPEG1,2,4 formats) created on the basis of open source of xine project.
  2. Load project module.
  3. Interpreter programme.
  4. Module collecting network data.
  5. Module decoding data of special level containing information about contours of active objects.
  6. Frame-by-frame video materials decoding module.
  7. Module synchronizing the work of the Interpreter and the Player.
  8. Graphic user interface module.
  9. Cross window interaction module.
  10. User settings module.
  11. Module processing interaction of the user with active objects.
  12. Installation module.
  13. Module tracking data integrity of the played project.
  14. Module supporting external applications calls.

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