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Technical Characteristics and Features of the Active Video Editor

The Active Video Editor creates and compiles projects made with the help of the Active Video technology. The Editor enables you to create interactive video clips on the basis of video materials in MPEG 1, 2, 4 formats. Intermediate product of work in the Editor is the project keeping separate elements of the final product (media files, objects, scripts, resources (texts, pictures, menu, etc.)) in the file database. The final product of the Editor work is a set of files containing video, text and graphic materials, managing scripts and overhead.

Features of the Computer Necessary for the AVEditor Operation:

  • Х86 processor
  • 700 MHz frequency
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 100 MB vacant space on hard disc
  • Graphic adapter with 2D graphic support and 64MB RAM

Software Requirements:

  • ОС Windows XP or 2000
  • DirectX, version 9.0

Main Modules of the Editor:

  1. Database module of all elements constituting the intermediary product (project).
  2. Load/save project module.
  3. Module of synchronization with database in CVS.
  4. Module of project data import and export.
  5. Module correcting conflicts that appear during projects merge.
  6. Module of sequential and continuous video and audio materials playback.
  7. Frame-by-frame video materials decoding module.
  8. Video and audio materials indexing module.
  9. Module of manual contour extraction in frames.
  10. Module of automatic contour display in a sequential group of frames that works on the basis of optical stream identification.
  11. Module of contour interpolation in a group of sequential frames with the opportunity of frame-by-frame turning to a specified angle.
  12. Module attaching text and graphic resources to the contour and contour cropping along the resource.
  13. Creating and editing script module.
  14. Undo/Redo support module.
  15. Compilation project module.
  16. Graphic user interface module.
  17. Intermodule change synchronization module.
  18. Module of interpolation of frames marker movement.
  19. Module of programme protection from unauthorized access.

Main Features of the Editor and the Built-in Script Language That Express in the End Product :

  • Extraction of contours of arbitrary shape and contours with holes.
  • Multicontour objects manipulation.
  • Distribution contours over visibility layers.
  • Setting contour colour.
  • Attaching texts and pictures to contours and contour cutting along them.
  • Changing dimensions, turning to a specified angle or overturning the contour.
  • Attaching arbitrary markers to contours.
  • Script calling by clicking on the contour.
  • Script execution after inner and system events.
  • Returning to an arbitrary point defined by the script writer after the script execution.
  • Merging several project (intermediary projects) into the end product.

Script functionality:

  • Manipulating the parameters of video and audio materials playback.
  • Windows size manipulation.
  • Multiwindow playback with interwindow interaction.
  • Multilanguage script support.
  • Contour visibility management.
  • Contour activity management.
  • Contour attributes management.
  • Contour highlighting during video playback.
  • Text, picture and/or video output into the contour.
  • Creation of scripts with complex inner logic.
  • Stream playback of video and audio materials via the network preserving all possibilities of interactivity.
  • Calling one of intermediary product of scripts that another end product has.
  • Calling external text files, graphic files, video and audio files, sites from Internet/Intranet.
  • Video and audio materials playback from various servers within one end product (interactive clip).

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