Hypervideo. Interactive reality

About The Company

We are the innovation company the mission of which is to improve perception of information that we make interactive. It makes possible for our clients to represent themselves, their goods and services more objectively and attractively than before. As a result of collaboration with us your company will get a solution giving you advantages at the market. We work in the fields of advertising, education, video programmes, presentations and others. Main features of our work are creativity, innovations and achieving results as our primary aim.

Active Video is a team of professionals with great experience in the field of design, scenario creation, shooting, software engineering and the Internet. Each of us works to achieve one and the same aim – creation of interactive video clips and software for solving problems and for the development of our clients.

The production cycle involves the following departments of our company:

  • marketing and sales department
    It realizes interactions with customers, research of multimedia products and services market, exposure of new perspective business directions.

  • scenario department
    It is a creative department of our company which deals with scripts creation for active video clips submitting them to customers’ approval.

  • design department
    It is the department which realizes direct video clips’ creation according to the scenario written, deals with computer processing of the film, design of graphic elements.

  • development department
    It develops software for creation and playback of Active Video clips.

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